IT Security Operations

Protect business critical IT infrastructure by detecting, preventing, assessing, monitoring and responding to cyberthreats and incidents.

Prevent, Detection and Respond to any malicious attack.

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Ensure integrity and confidentiality of your organization’s data, information and IT services by monitoring, assessing and defending your IT infrastructure


Manage the risk of cyber security for networks, resources, information and capacities through full visibility of your digital and physical assets, interconnections, defined roles and responsibilities and policies and procedures for managing those risks.


Continuously monitor solutions that detect anomalous activity and other threats to operational continuity. Get to implement continuous surveillance and threat tracking.


Collect and analyse information about threat cases, conduct all the activities necessary to eliminate the incident and integrate lessons learned into revised response strategies.

All-round security you can trust

Vulnerability Management

Identify threats and vulnerabilities through automated vulnerability scanners and assessment tools. Get to verify vulnerabilities discovered by the scanning applications and investigate if the vulnerabilities can be exploited. Provide remediations for identified vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers.

Managed Threat Response

Let us protect your business with the managed services of elite team of threat hunters and response experts targeted actions on your behalf to neutralise even the most sophisticated threats. You are not only notified of threats, actions are taken to neutralise them.

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Best Practices for Running A Security Operations Centre