Customize your workspace to suit your business needs with Microsoft Teams Apps

Customize your workspace to suit your business needs with Microsoft
Teams Apps. 

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Microsoft Teams Apps

Microsoft Teams Apps are an array of applications that you can embed in Microsoft Teams to enhance your collaboration and productivity. These Apps range from simple productivity tools to complex industry-specific solutions that allow users to perform tasks, access information, and interact with external systems, all within the Teams interface. 

Major Categories of Teams Apps 

Organization-Created Apps

These apps are developed by your IT administrators or developers to cater to your specific business requirements. You can easily locate them in the “Built for your org” section of the Teams app store and integrate them within Microsoft Teams. 

Power Platform Apps

These apps are created using the low-code or no-code tools of Power Platform. You can find them under the “Built with Power Platform tab” in the Teams app store. 

Function and Industry Apps

These apps are designed for different functions (such as sales, marketing, or HR) or industries (such as education, healthcare, or retail). You can find them under the “Function and Industry tabs” in the Teams app store. Examples include: Adobe Creative Cloud, Survey Sparrow, Mind Meister and more. 

Popular Teams Apps

Enjoyed by Teams users across diverse organizations and scenarios, these widely used apps can be found within the “Popular across Teams” section of the Teams app store. Examples include: Trello, Polly, Karma, and GitHub. 

Benefits of Teams App 

Enhanced Productivity

Incorporating Teams Apps on Microsoft Teams consolidates vital information, standard tools, and reliable processes into your collaborative workspace, ultimately increasing employee efficiency. 

Customer Satisfaction

Tailoring your workspace to your unique needs improves internal collaboration and communication, positioning your employees to deliver better outcomes and experiences for your external customers, partners, and stakeholders. 


Teams Apps liberates work from the confines of the office and drives flexibility. It empowers you to customize the Microsoft Teams platform to closely emulate your in-office work experience, crafting a digital workspace that precisely caters to your collaborative needs. 

Seamless Integration

By connecting your existing apps and services with Teams, you can access and manage them from a single interface, reducing the need to switch between different platforms and improving your workflow. 

Tailor your workspace for success with Microsoft Teams Apps.