Reliance Infosystems | AIICO Case Study
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Case Study: Lift & Shift (Centos Linux and MySQL Server), AIICO Insurance Plc


AIICO Insurance PLC
Lagos. Nigeria


Finance and Insurance

Needs Expressed
  • Migrate Linux-based LOB to Azure
  • Harden security for customers’ information protection.
  • Patch Management.
Benefits Realized
  • Robust, secure and reliable Line of business applications for client engagement.

AIICO Insurance PLC has web applications that service several clients that are hosted on its GoDaddy cloud environment. 

AIICO Insurance PLC wants to make its front end agile and scalable.

AIICO Insurance PLC also wanted to use this opportunity to harden security of its sites to protect her customers’ information, prevent defacing of the site and avoid any other mishaps that could result from a leaky infrastructure.


CBN had its E-Library Server hosted on Vmware Infrastructure with Internet Solutions. CBN does not have access to the host, only the virtual machine, its users connect over the web to access E-Library.

Lack of visibility into host of the virtual machines and the cost of the maintenance cost was high, security was a concern, backup and DR were part of the experienced issues that triggered migration to Azure.


The objective was to migrate E-Library server from Internet Solutions cloud services, for consolidation of its workloads on Azure, make its Line of business applications highly-available, enjoy the compute and storage scale , as well as business and disaster recovery


Migration of the Line of business application leveraging Azure Migrate.

Use of Sophos and Application gateway to enforce security

Use of Azure Monitor and application insights to track performance and downtime.

Azure patch manager using Automation account.


The server was migrated in  days. the AIICO team started testing to confirm that all components of the app was fine. This was to enable them transact from the Monday being a business day.

The migration process included the Reliance Infosystems team and the IT unit of AIICO insurance.

The planned goal of not disrupting normal operational workflow of AIICO Insurance was achieved.

Solution in Action

The proposed solution makes sure that both the insurance clients and the staff of the company are placed under security checks to avoid system breach. AIICO insurance also has its third party chatbot integrated also.


AIICO received a seamless migration process without experiencing downtime. They also monitor their applications better and trust their security features the more.

We have high availability of line of business architecture, scalable infrastructure and Seamless and secure communication between Azure Infra, HQ and the branch office

Victor Haruna- Infrastructure Manager