Reliance Infosystems | Protection Assurance
At Reliance Infosystems, we have aim to reduce risk through consulting, services, and security product expertise. We are a trusted advisor (Sophos platinum and synchronised security partners) for all cybersecurity initiatives.
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Your Security Needs.
Our Expertise.

Securing Your Organisation

Our protection assurance offerings first articulate industry best practices for organizations seeking to secure immunity against cyber threat.
Enterprise Security Solution

Once considered an IT management issue, Enterprise Security is now a prioritized business risk worthy of executive attention. Mission-critical assets are targets, and when they are stolen or made inaccessible by active adversaries, companies can suffer material loss of revenue, reputation, and even long-term value.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is an integral component of a good security program. A well-functioning vulnerability management system, including test and remediation, is often cited by industry standards and regulatory bodies as an essential requirement for security and mandatory for compliance.

Reliance Secaprise

Secaprise is a multi-year protection agreement comprising of best-in-class data protections, monitoring and incidence mitigation technologies provided to customers as a service. It bundles Firewall, Endpoint Wireless, Firewall Buy-back, Anti-phish, SIEM, Cybersecurity Assessment, Yearly Training and Cash Warranty

Success Outcome Philosophy

We reasoned that businesses actually and only want assurances that, come what may, nothing should disrupt them from carrying out their core activities. We then invented a success pivot for our Protection Assurance program to be “Peace of Mind” or “An assurance of non-disruption and non-invasion of customers’ digital assets”. We believe that the fundamental problems our customers want to solve is not particularly met by the conventional way organizations invest in security solutions today. We figure that if there is one simplified thing organizations can do to “religiously appease the god of data disruption”, they will abandon conventions and go about their businesses peacefully.