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COVID is forcing Remote Work

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the world forcing many organizations to shut down and prompting their employees to work from home. Without the right experience, working from home can be really sticky if employees do not have access to the typical workplace tools and Apps they are familiar with.

Windows Virtual Desktop Saves the day!

With Windows Virtual Desktop solution from Microsoft, businesses can more effectively recreate the exact same tailored workplace experiences for employees working from home. The experience can be delivered at scale using pre-built or imported operating systems images

Employees can use simple web browsers to navigate their desktops and use the Apps within the comforts of their homes.


Multi-User Windows 10 Enterprise

Working, Virtualized Office 365 ProPlus without the licensing headaches

Ability to host existing Windows 10 Image

Scalable Deployment

Deep integrations with Microsoft 365 security and management

Unified Management Experience

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Hosting for Your Business

Flexible Working

The result is significantly increased flexibility within the workplace. Imagine a remote workforce that can suddenly leverage the same technology without expensive installs. Meanwhile, the Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) trend is taking off, with 87 percent of organizations now relying on their employees to use personal devices for at least one application. In each case, flexibility is essential, by hosting your desktops and applications in the cloud, you can achieve accessibility even in these situations.

Increased Productivity

Moving to a virtual desktop interface will almost certainly improve your organization’s productivity. Its operations become more lean and agile, while employee abilities and efforts become more flexible. Productivity can be maintained even in the face of disaster, and in a more secure environment thanks to better protection against data breaches. Finally, the long-term cost savings can be invested into the business for better operations down the road. This type of improved productivity becomes invaluable over time.

Significant Cost Savings

You can rely less on expensive desktop computers with the exact right software and license needed. But even upgrades and maintenance, which can take significant IT time when performed on many different machines, are reduced to a minimum as they can be accomplished in a much more centralized manner. These benefits are not just hypothetical. It’s estimated that virtual apps can reduce desktop costs by up to $1.7 million for large organizations (Enterprises).

Dynamic Updating

As your organization gets larger, computer choices become more diverse. Creative professionals look to Apple screens, while IT experts prefer PC’s. Managers expect laptops that increase portability, but tablets and even phones become invaluable while on the go. Here’s the rub: all of these devices might be running different operating systems and app versions. Updating these various devices with both regular maintenance and major upgrades can quickly become difficult. The same software may not work equally well depending on the browser, OS, and age of the machine. A virtual desktop becomes a solution, centralizing the updating process to make it more dynamic. You won’t need each employee to log in just to make sure they have the newest OS version. Instead, you can perform the upgrade once, benefiting everyone in the organization.

Decreased Security Risks

Especially as organizations grow, digital security becomes an increasingly essential concern. After all, a single cyber-attack can cost the average business upwards of $2 million in damages. Preventative measures are not optional, but essential to ensure long-term business survival and success. A virtual environment for your business will play a significant part in making your business more secure. The data is now stored in a central system, which you can protect more strongly than you would be able on your employees’ devices. Everything is centrally managed, allowing you to set the rules and keep your data in the right hands. Most data breaches happen by accident. You can prevent both these accidents and intentional attacks simply by keeping better track of your data, and how it is accessed.

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