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Your free mobile, intelligent intranet



How quickly and efficiently can your organization crowd-source ideas, cross-relate thinking and propagate innovations among the employees. How seamlessly can your organization simplify and aggregate the thought processes, data, opinions, intentions and decisions being generated by teams and individual employees onto an intelligent platform that creates a superior business model your competition cannot beat?. Putting your businesses on the digital lane goes beyond the use of purpose-built applications and ERP because such applications are not able to immediately accommodate employees’ new reasonings, incompatible data structures, emerging strategies, changing business models and important overriding decisions that businesses need to make to create competitive advantage.

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Introducing the Super-Human

Microsoft SharePoint Online is today the shortest route-to-strategy for onboarding innovation-driven corporate intranet platform that can truly represent the digital heartbeat of an organization. On account of its ubiquitous ergonomics, a properly implemented SharePoint Online corporate intranet will, by all measures, outpace but corroborate the pre-built intelligence of your organizations’ line-of-business applications.

Beyond being a platform for digitizing business innovation, SharePoint Online aggregates the collective thinking of your employees to become a kind of “super-human” with digitized emotional intelligence.


Reliance Infosystems is proud to offer your company a corporate Intranet Portal built on Microsoft SharePoint Online. If your organization has already invested in Office 365, then you are closer to transforming your business for competitive advantage. We have put together for your comfort, a catalog of important business innovations in form of SharePoint Web Parts you may choose from. Once you make your choices, our Digital Transformation Architects will reach out to you to discuss project plan and execution. We are very certain that this will be the best strategic decision you will make this year. If you are yet to acquire Office 365, please reach out to our Success Outcome team for guidance.

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SharePoint Webpacks
S/N Title Description Content Contributor Update Frequency Target Consumers
Organization Collaterals The Vision and Mission statement of the organization. This may also include specific statements detailing the direction the organization is going Admin to be heavily guided by executive management Rarely or as direction changes All Employees
Organization Strategy Communication The corporate strategy the organization has adopted to achieve her corporate objectives. Admin/Corporate Communications As strategy evolves All Employees
Intriguing News News about corporate events, recent successes, important milestones, upcoming events and other information that create enriches the organization brand value to employees. Admin/Corporate Communications Monthly or as event evolves All Employees
Birthdays for the Month Names, Dates and Designation of Persons celebrating Birthday. Birthday followers will be able to set reminders on subsequent anniversaries Individuals that prefer to publish birthdays Monthly and with the consent of the individuals Birthday Followers
Employees on Leave, Childbirth Names of Employees on Casual Leave, Sick or had baby within the month HR/Admin Monthly All Employees
New Intakes, Promotions and Resignations Names of Employees that have just joined the organization, just had promotion or resigned within the month HR/Admin Monthly All Employees
Photo Gallery to Past Events Photo Gallery of Recent Events, Workshops, Team Bonding Activities Corporate Communication and HR As events unfolds All Employees
Link to Yammer (Yammer Webpart) A small webpart that redirect to Yammer page Default NA All Employees
Link to Email (Outlook Webpart) A small webpart that redirect to Outlook page Default NA All Employees
Link to CRM A small webpart that redirect to CRM page Default NA All Employees
Link to LoB Web Applications Web parts that redirect toweb-based line of business applications Default NA All Employees
Vote for Employee of the month Every month, new criteria are set for adjudicating who the most outstanding employee is for the month. The poll is only available in the last 5 days of the month while the winner’s detail will be displayed in the first 25 days HR Monthly Voters
Polls and Surveys Webpart Opinion polls on food, peer ratings and areas of improvements Admin and HR Scenario-driven Poll participants
Poser of the week (First 3 Correct Answers win Prizes) Fastest Finger Questions. The system will automatically identify the first correct answer and send automated email notification to everyone. HR Weekly Aspiring participants
Inspiration Corner Webpart containing inspirational content (texts/images) for the week HR Weekly All Employees
Self-Service Webpart Web part redirects to a Self-Service page where employees can assess his/her performance, apply for loan/leave and post daily activity log Default NA All Employees
Visitor Register Webpart Webpart redirects to a page where employees register details of visiting guests for the Reception is to take note and admit accordingly Default NA All Employees
Today’s meeting Webpart Webpart contains extract of Outlook Calendar Default NA All Employees
Activity Log Webpart Webpart redirects to the activity log portion of the Self-service portal Default NA All Employees
CSR Gallery and Donate WebPart Web part redirect to CSR page Default NA All Employees
Social Media Webpart Social Media Integration Default NA All Employees
Learning Management WebPart Webpart redirects to Learning Management Portal Default NA All Employees
Book Synopsis Webpart Webpart Redirects to page containing synopsis of all book read and new books that are being read across the organization Default NA All Employees
Office Web Parts Webpart Redirects to page containing synopsis of all book read and new books that are being read across the organization Default NA All Employees