Let’s book a ride, together!


Book, join, and manage trips, as well as rate drivers through the WeBer car-pooling solution. Our 3-in-1 solution features WeBer, WeBer Expense App, and WeBer Admin, all working together seamlessly to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Your employees can simply book and schedule a ride on WeBer, which will notify the designated driver of the pick-up location. Meanwhile, the Expense App tracks all expenses incurred during the trip, and our Admin dashboard provides oversight to managers in charge, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of using this Solution

Improves Utilization Of Organizations’ Fleet Of Cars
  • Optimize car usage to save time and cost. Easily book and schedule rides, ensuring that all available vehicles are being used efficiently.
Manage Vehicle Maintenance
  • Manage vehicle expenses to enhance accountability. Provide visibility in fleet management expenses, maintenance, vehicle licenses, and particular renewal to ensure compliance.
Detailed Analytics Of Drivers’ Ratings And Performance
  • Provides detailed analytics that shows drivers’ conduct, enhances compliance and promotes employee ride experience while minimizing vehicle wear-off or breakdown.

Save time and money by avoiding traffic and reducing expenses with WeBer Pro. Give your employees the gift of hassle-free business travel – try WeBer Pro today!

License Requirement

This solution requires the following Microsoft’s licenses…

  • Microsoft 365.
  • One (1) PowerApps per User License.
  • (n) no. of PowerApps Per App License.