Managing patient-clinic interactions seamlessly!


Handle all interactions between patients and clinics, from appointment reservations to doctors’ diagnoses and treatments. Streamlines the entire process of diagnosing and treating patients, from viewing medical records to prescribing medication, all in one easy-to-use platform. Allows for Doctors’ seamless interaction with all departments from a digital standpoint.


Benefits of using this Solution

Digital Storage Capability
  • Securely store and access patient medical records and data you need it.
Digital Collaboration Amongst Medical Personnel
  • Share information amongst doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and lab workers on patient medical status.
Rota Formation
  • Create employee Rota to enhance the timeliness of duty.

License Requirement

This solution requires the following Microsoft’s licenses…

  • Microsoft 365.
  • One (1) PowerApps per User License.
  • (n) no. of PowerApps Per App License.