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Why migrate?

Microsoft supports open-source projects and contributes to thousands of open-source communities. By using open-source technologies on Azure, you can run applications your way while optimizing your investments.

Azure Database Migration Service allows for seamless and secure migration of multiple database sources to Azure data platforms with minimal downtime. So, you have nothing to worry about when migrating your OSS DB to the cloud.


Azure cloud is infinitely scalable, so there is no need to make projections of your future workload requirements and overprovision resources. You simply pay for the server capacity you need now, and if your future requirements increase or decrease, your hosting costs get adjusted accordingly. 


When it comes to the availability of server infrastructure, it is hard for any single organization to match the availability of Microsoft Azure. The uptime of Azure Cloud is ultrareliable.


Running your OSS on Azure enables faster deployments of new IT systems, and this allows new services to be introduced more quickly.
A reduced time to market gives you room to be more innovative in your marketing and product strategy.

Total cost of ownership

Enjoy lower total cost of ownership. Paying only for the capacity that you actually need and leveraging the economies of scale of hyperscalers brings significant cost benefits.


Benefit from the high compatibility of Microsoft Azure with the latest open-source extensions and tools. 

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