Introducing Operamadic

Benefit from end-to-end support for operational processes & trading across various capital markets

Trusted By Many Companies


Why Customers use Operamadic

Its used for a plethora of reasons ranging from Multi-exchange/Multi-asset valuation and trade posting to tracking of corporate actions to certificate Management and others.


Operamadic has a robust financial module that can meet the capital market

HR Application

Get a seamless application that addresses organizational processes of onboarding, tracking skill gaps, scheduling training and more

Broker Operations & CRM

Manage the declaration, propagation, tracking and receipt of corporate actions adequately

Document Management & Workflow

Store electronic documents, define workflows and correlate all data on transaction processing with ease

Streamline your business operations with ease

Keep your customers engaged

Manage customer records and group the customers according to business model, keep track of transactions between the company and customers, keep track of their customer-facing portal, notification management and an authentic customer balance tracking and statement.

Be empowered to provide intelligent investment advice to clients

Operamadic has a built-in reconciliation feature which can help an organization automate their reconciliation process by automatically matching transactions. These features are ever evolving to accommodate the use of AI to automate reconciliation processes.

Why Operamadic for your Business?

Delivers full automation of all back-office and customer-facing activities empowering all stakeholders to make just-in-time data-driven decisions that impact the bottom-line. Organizations using this can streamline their business operations, amplify profitability, and gain competitive advantage.

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