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A comprehensive solution designed to empower organizations in effectively managing their data across their entire lifecycle. It enables businesses to discover, classify, catalog, and govern data from various sources, ensuring compliance, security, and informed decision-making

Features of Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management

Unified Data Governance

Microsoft purviews provides a centralized platform where users can establish consistent data governance policies and practices. This ensures that data is handled according to regulations and internal policies, reducing compliance risks.

Holistic Data Discovery

This offers powerful data discovery capabilities, allowing users to locate and categorize data from various sources. This feature aids in understanding data landscapes, facilitating informed decision-making.

Data Lineage Visualization

Users can trace the origin, transformation, and movement of data using intuitive lineage visualizations. It displays these lineage paths, helping stakeholders comprehend data transformations and maintain data quality.

Automated Data Classification

Purview leverages automated classification techniques to label and categorize data based on sensitivity, relevance, and usage.


Enhanced Data Compliance

By enabling the establishment of consistent data governance policies, Purview reduces compliance risks and helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements, leading to improved data handling practices.

Efficient Decision-Making

The comprehensive data discovery tools empower users to quickly locate and access relevant data. This speeds up decision-making processes, as stakeholders can access trustworthy information promptly.

Reduced Data Redundancy

Automated data classification minimizes data duplication and redundancy. This ensures that users work with the most accurate and up-to-date data, enhancing operational efficiency.

Improved Data Quality

Users can identify and rectify data inconsistencies and errors through data lineage visualization. This results in higher data quality and more reliable insights and outcomes.

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