Secure identities and access with Microsoft Entra

Enable the right access by the right people, to the right resources, at the right time.

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Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra is a solution that integrates all of Microsoft’s identity and access management capabilities. A combination of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), and identity verification.

Microsoft Entra protects your organization’s applications and resources from unauthorized access and secures identities across all environments such as employees, customers, partners, devices, and workloads.

Security Identity & Access Solutions

Protects access to apps and resources

Microsoft Entra helps you safeguard your organization by protecting access to every app and every resource for every user.

Simplified experience

Stay productive with Entra’s simple sign-in experience, intelligent security, and unified administration.

Secures and verifies identities

Entra helps to effectively secure every identity, including that of employees, customers, apps, devices, and workloads across your environments.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud & Azure Network Security – Better Together

Some of the benefits of the powerful combination of Microsoft Defender and Azure Network Security


Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure AD (a part of the Microsoft Entra product family) safeguards your organization with a cloud identity and access management solution that connects employees and customers to their apps, devices, and data.


Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

This is a unified solution that helps to manage the permission of identities across your multi-cloud infrastructure.


Microsoft Entra Verified ID

This identity verification solution allows you to create, issue, and verify privacy-respecting decentralized identity credentials— enabling you to have more secure interactions with anyone or anything.

Protect access, verify identity, and manage permissions – all in one place.