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Microsoft Azure to the Rescue as Vetiva Capital Reinvents its IT Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Customer Name: Vetiva Capital

Industry: Consulting Firm 

Location/Country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Partner: Reliance Infosystems

Vetiva Capital is a thriving pan-African financial services company located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. The group has several subsidiaries which provide dedicated financial services to individuals and organizations across Africa. The group acts as brokers/dealers, funds/portfolio managers, and corporate trustees.

Maintaining a beacon stance in the financial industry requires huge technological investments to ensure customers remain loyal and the company can guarantee the security of client information. In this vein, Vetiva had to make some changes to their existing infrastructure.

The Obstacles Faced

Vetiva experienced a range of challenges that made it increasingly difficult to smoothly deliver value to their clientele. Their existing infrastructure was outdated, making it challenging to achieve scalability and expand their client base. There was also a clear lack of cloud computing services which would have improved business operations through its application migration abilities.

The outdated infrastructure translated to a poor security outlook, a major concern for a financial enterprise. All these challenges culminated in the cost of application migration to the cloud with Vetiva seeking the most cost-effective option in the market.

The Pivotal Moment

As a distinguished service provider, Reliance Infosystems consulted with Vetiva Capital and was chosen to revolutionize the state of Vetiva’s infrastructure. The experts agreed upon leveraging solutions within Microsoft Azure that provided customized services for the organization.

The Digital Reinvention

Microsoft Azure is a household name for several solutions that provide computing, storage, analytics services and more. It is a frequent choice for organizations looking to digital transformation of their enterprise. Microsoft Azure provided an encompassing cloud migration package for Vetiva Capital such that their challenges quickly became forgotten. Some specific provisions were:

  • Azure Virtual Machines to provide a scalable and reliable computing platform. These cloud-based servers are now utilized to run Vetiva’s applications.

  • Azure Blob Storage is now leveraged to store their financial and customer information with a reduced risk of loss. This scalable and cost-effective option was helpful for Vetiva.

  • Azure App Service was deployed for application migration. Since Vetiva’s on-premises applications were incompatible with the cloud, App Service was used to host and run the applications.

The Way Ahead

The implementation of Microsoft Azure solutions unlocked endless possibilities for Vetiva Capital. The seamless migration execution positioned Vetiva to continue operations without any significant hindrances to customer satisfaction. The organization now enjoys the scalability and pervasiveness of the cloud and the added benefits of Microsoft Azure, improving its IT infrastructure. There is increased agility, security, and productivity with Vetiva Capital management saving $6000 in annual licensing costs. Reliance Infosystems has again proven its capability for seamless digital transformation.

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