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About Cloudbase Program

About The Cloudbase Program

The Cloudbase Program is designed to help startups in Africa grow and thrive in the highly competitive business world of today. It provides FREE access to cloud resources, new market visibility, technical support, business model validation, and a range of complimentary digital assessment tools to accelerate the business growth of startups.

Participating startups stand to benefit from a comprehensive support pipeline that positions them to deliver more value through transformed operations, cloud infrastructure, and sustainable products and services.

The Cloudbase Program is an initiative of Reliance Infosystems and Cloudware Africa delivered in partnership with the Microsoft Africa Transformation Office.

Why Register?

Why You Should Register For The Cloubase Program

We understand the unique challenges that startups in Africa face while striving to build and grow their business. It is for this reason that we are offering a range of services and support offerings to supercharge their growth.

Below are some of the Benefits of Participating in the Program

Tier 1

Access to Microsoft
 Founder’s Hub

Through the Cloudbase exchanged program, participants can get the support they need to qualify for the Microsoft Founders Hub. Qualified participants would gain access to up to $150,000 Azure credits, support engineers, and a startup support network.  

Fine-tuning &
Validation of Strategy

It gives you the opportunity to validate your business models and value proposition using our digital assessment tools, build credibility with customers and investors, and increase your chances of success. 

Access to
Expert Mentors

Access a network of experienced mentors who have a proven track record of success in building and scaling startups. They will provide guidance, advice, and feedback to help you navigate the challenges of building a successful startup. 


We help startups connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and customers to help them build their networks and accelerate their growth. With Cloudbase, startups can tap into a vast network of industry connections and resources. 

Resource Support

Access office space, equipment, limited legal counsel, and software tools, which can help to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. By providing these resources, Cloudbase helps startups focus on building their businesses, instead of worrying about administrative tasks. 

Education &

Take advantage of training and workshops on a variety of topics, including product development, and business idea testing. Reliance Infosystems’ Careerdemy and Modiva network will also help you build the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.  

Exposure & Joint
Market Exploration

Gain access to media campaigns and industry events that can help raise your profile and increase your visibility in the market. 


Receive cloud solution support to eliminate bottlenecks associated with deploying solutions in the cloud.

Tier 2


The program seeks to fills the gap between OEMs and startups. We provide customized support services that are specifically designed to address your needs.  

We Help You Maximize the Values That
Microsoft Offers

Our program is designed to help you get more value from Microsoft. We are a Microsoft partner and a business partner to startups like yours. We are positioned to effectively connect your needs to Microsoft offers.


The program facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities with other startups, investors, and potential partners. It supports startup-to-startup (S2S) collaboration, new product releases, market partnerships, and access to new markets or customers. 

Long-term Support

The program provides continuous support and assistance throughout the different stages of a startup’s journey. It recognizes that startups need support beyond the initial stages and aims to foster long-term growth and sustainability.   

B2B Customer Matching

Opportunity to access new markets and customer clusters via marketplace provisioning, and corporate matching programs powered by Microsoft.

Cost Optimization

Keeping an eye on the costs of your infrastructure service requires technical expertise. Cloudbase Program participants utilize our cost optimization assessment to ensure resources are fully channeled to value-creation activities. 

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Cloudbase Program, your startup must meet the following eligibility criteria:

It must have been in operation for at least a year.

Your startup should be able to showcase its product and market roadmap for the next 3 years. 

Your business venture should be at least in the early stages of operation with technology infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud. You should have a scalable business model, and a vision for rapid growth.

Your business must have a corporate structure, it must be a registered business, and its model should embrace cloud computing.

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