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Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection (AADP) is a cloud-based security service provided by Microsoft as part of the Azure Active Directory suite. It focuses on safeguarding user identities and helping organizations detect and prevent identity-related risks.
AADP uses advanced machine learning algorithms and threat intelligence to analyze user sign-ins, behavior, and access patterns, identifying potentially risky activities. It then takes actions such as blocking suspicious sign-ins, challenging users with additional authentication steps, or notifying administrators for further investigation.
Overall, AADP helps enhance the security of an organization’s digital assets by proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats to user identities.

Features of Azure AD Identity Protection

Real-Time Threat Detection

Notifications of malicious threats, incidents, breaches are shared in real-time to prevent, detect or remediate an attack. It leverages machine learning and heuristics to identify and respond to identity-based risks, such as compromised identities, without human intervention.

Risk-based conditional access polices

Create conditional access policies based on risk levels. These policies enable organizations to implement adaptive security measures. For example, if a user’s sign-in attempt is categorized as high risk, the organization can enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) or deny access until the risk is mitigated.

Third-party integration

Export information about the security risks to third party tools, such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, for deeper analysis and correlation.

Risk Classification

Risks are classified into two categories; User risk and sign-in risk. This is useful in alerting your team of what kind of breaches are being experienced.

Risk Insights and Recommendation

Empower your security team to get detailed and effective insights and recommendations against threats. Get to view your security overview dashboard for a summary of your organisation’s security posture, such as the number of risky users, risky sign-ins, and policy effectiveness, in a single view.

Benefits of Azure AD Identity Protection

Proactive Threat Detection

Leverage cutting-edge machine learning to identify suspicious activities in real-time and take preventive action before security incidents occur.

Enhanced User Experience

Azure AD empowers users to seamlessly access a variety of applications and services with a single set of credentials, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and reducing login friction. 

Adaptive Security

Adapt security measures to changing threat landscapes. When a user’s risk level changes, the system can automatically prompt for multi-factor authentication (MFA) or require step-up authentication. This ensures that security measures match the evolving security posture of each user.

Actionable Insights and Effective Reporting

The service provides detailed reports and insights into security events, risk levels, and trends within the organization. Security administrators can use these reports to gain a deeper understanding of the security landscape, investigate incidents, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall security posture.

Detect, Investigate, and Remediate Identity-based Risks

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